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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – To Favor or Not to Favor

October 4, 2011

Many Brides are now seeming to ask the question – to favor or not to favor?  What direction do you go in terms of a simple “thank you” or a “remembrance” for your guests?  Honestly, Brides are starting to venture in all sorts of different directions for wedding favors.  We have officially gone outside of the traditional expectations and being suprised by what is being done.  One of my favorite favors is always something that I know that I will use or enjoy – I’m thinking take home jams and jellies – or even hot sauce {a favorite for the guys!}.  A favor that I know that I will use again and again once I get home.  Each time I use this favor, it will be such a great memory of the time that I had celebrating your special day.

On the otherhand, some brides are REALLY stepping outside the box and donating to a local charity in response to your arrival to their ceremony.  For each person that has celebrated with them – a specific $ amount will go to a specific organization.  It’s something every one of your guests will feel good about – and know that their attendance meant something to not only YOU but made a difference for someone else too.

Below are some of our favorite and unique ideas.  Let us know YOUR creative idea!

Images by The Knot

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