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May 16, 2011

I’m sure many of you have seen the trend of pets being involved in weddings. I, for one, am a huge fan of this. I think it’s a great idea to involve the furry (or feathery or scaley) member of your family in your big day, whether they are in the ceremony, involved in a few photos or make a guest appearance at the reception. It really creates a personal touch to your wedding and can help lighten the mood a little and add an aspect of fun! However, this is somewhat risky and involves a lot of preparation, practice and permission.

Some of the first steps you should take to make this happen are:

  • Check with the officiant and church. Most churches don’t allow pets. If there is a little bit of leeway, you can always suggest bringing in the pet to meet the officiant (or person in charge) to prove he/she is well behaved.
  • If pets are allowed, be prepared to pay an extra fee.
  • Check with your wedding party. It’s very important that everyone is comfortable with a pet being present, since they will be spending quite a bit of time together.
  • Inform your photographer that they will be dealing with a pet. This way they can prepare and make any arrangements needed BEFORE they arrive on the wedding day.
  • Inform your guests that your pet will be involved. Be warned that some guests may chose not to come because of this. Allergies and fear of animals could cause them to pass.
  • Really consider the behavior of your pet. If he/she barks a lot, doesn’t like children/men/women, bites, jumps or isn’t well potty trained, these could all be disastrous on your wedding day.

If you realize having the pet involved in the ceremony isn’t the best idea, you can always involve them in a few photos. This is a nice touch if you want them to be involved, but are not sure they will make it through an entire wedding ceremony. Whether you chose to involve them in the ceremony or just photos, it is a good idea to chose someone (probably not a member of the wedding party) who knows the pet well, to be in charge of them for the day.

If in the ceremony, avoid food and water about a half hour to an hour before the ceremony. You wouldn’t want any messes in the aisle before you walk down it! :)

Make sure you have some sort of plan in place (most likely with the person chosen to be in charge) in case the pet gets tired or becomes antisocial. Bring the bed or crate the pet is used to so that he/she feels comfortable if they need to be taken back to a hotel room or elsewhere.

There are a TON of adorable options for wedding clothing and attire for all types of pets. Some suggestions are:

  • A bow tie, ribbon or bandana matching the color of the bridal party.
  • A new collar and leash matching the color of the bridal party.
  • Tuxedo or formal dress
  • Avoid putting flower arrangements around the neck in case of allergies. Many animals are allergic to all sorts of plants and flowers.
  • Put a corsage on the handle of the leash.
  • Practice wearing the chosen outfit before the wedding day to ensure comfort and ease of use.

Post by Alex with Simply Stunning Events // Images by Julia Wedding Photography, Taiwan



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