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Cakes and Sweets

Cakes & Sweets – The Sugar Wagon

December 7, 2011

Looking for something sweet to add to your wedding or even replace the cake? Look no further than the Sugar Wagon, right here in Nashville, TN. Tracy & Jane have a super cute retro cart that they can fill with all kinds of high quality ice cream sandwiches and confections. I love that they use organic ingredients from local Tennessee producers and are also able to provide gluten-free & vegan options if needed. Visit Sugar Wagon for more info!

Images by Sugar Wagon

Cakes and Sweets

Gourmet Popsicles – Las Paletas

June 6, 2011

For those of you planning a summer wedding, especially an outdoor affair, consider a nice cool treat for your guests! One of the best things we’ve seen are gourmet popsicles. They come in a huge variety of flavors, so you can even take it as far as to match them to your colors. One of our favorite companies is Las Paletas…they taste amazing!  However, if you live outside of Nashville, I’m sure that you can find some fun, cool (as in the temp!) treat to serve your guests.  If you are not able to find a company like Las Paletas, consider your closest ice cream or sorbet company.  A nice cold treat is perfect touch on those humid, hot evenings…your guests will appreciate it!

Image by Tennessee Home and Farm

Left image by So, How’s it Taste? // Right image by Phindy Studios

Images by Phindy Studios

Las Paletas is located at 2907 12th Avenue S # B Nashville, TN 37204-2545 – (615) 386-2101