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This Is Not Your Mother’s Engagement Ring… – Jane Osgood Designs

June 16, 2011

Gone are the days when the only appropriate choice for an engagement ring involved diamonds and gold or platinum. With so many jewelry designers thinking outside the box the option for something unique is readily available. Take for example the whimsical designs of Cathy Waterman (via twistonline). Her use of color and texture create uniquely timeless designs.

Thinking of going with a colored focal stone? Many of today’s celebrities are choosing to add a little (or A LOT!!) of nontraditional colorful bling when it comes to their engagement rings. Carrie Underwood rocks a 5 + yellow diamond sparkler.

Several things to keep in mind if you are thinking of choosing a colored stone or band as your engagement ring:

1.)   Does the color have some meaning or significance (birthstone, inspiration, etc.)?

2.)    Does the color look nice against your skin tone?

3.)   Will you love this colored gemstone ring in 5 years?

4.)   Can you stack another ring against the engagement band? Or will the engagement band be both your engagement and wedding ring?

Image from the Cathy Waterman Love of My Life collection

Guest post by Jane Osgood Broussard.  Make sure to visit her Etsy store – Jane Osgood Designs


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Mismatched Wedding Bands

July 23, 2010

Let’s start thinking about the perfect wedding band to accent that sparkly rock on your finger. You could go with the matching band to your show-stopping engagement ring… but that’s too easy. What about a mismatched band that makes the set a one-of-a-kind? This concept works best if you have an engagement ring with a simpler design. Mismatching is also a great way to add some color to your set. The next time you are paying a visit to the jeweler, take a look at the stacking rings – they are typically fun, colorful, and artfully designed rings meant for stacking a few on one finger. However, a single stacking ring is a great option for a wedding band.

There is no shortage of jewelers in Nashville, but after doing a little research, Anatra Jewel has the best selection.

Images from Anatra Jewel

Images by the lovely Phindy Studios