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Bridal Dress Inspiration from Givenchy Fall 2011 Couture

December 1, 2011

“Purity” is what Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy used for his inspiration for the Fall 2011 Haute Couture collection. I’ve been looking forward to featuring these dresses for awhile now. I first came across this collection in July and obviously haven’t forgotten about it! I love everything about it…the way the dresses are photographed, the streamline shape and the beautiful details. Tisci used crystal drops with a reflective treatment to transform in different light on one dress and duck and ostrich feathers frame the neck of another. I also love how he kept the dresses modern with the cutaway backs, chunky zippers and sleek pulled back hair. To me these dresses truly embody what couture is all about.

Images by Givenchy

Cakes and Sweets

Thinking Outside The Box : Your Cake

November 21, 2011

There are so many different aspects to planning a wedding. One of the most fun and delicious parts of planning a wedding is choosing your cake. From the design to the tasting, this is one thing on your “to do” list that you should look forward to! There are several things to think about when planning your cake’s design. Start by thinking about the shape of your cake. Do you prefer round, square, or something unique like a spiral or starburst design? Colors are an important aspect of your cake’s design. Simply using your chosen wedding colors is not your only option! Is there a pattern or design that inspired these colors in the first place? Will you choose a delicate white cake with little flowers or a bold patterned cake that would rival the craziest of Missoni prints?


Cake sources – Martha Stewart Weddings // Maggie Austin Cake  // Susan Stripling Photography // Pink Cake Box


Wedding Tips

Thinking Outside The Box: Your Registry

November 10, 2011

As with most modern brides the options for China patterns and stemware have become limitless. You really are only limited by your imagination. When the time comes to grab that prized registry gun, ask yourself a couple of questions.

1.) Is this item something my friends and family can afford?  Everyone wants to help start your collection so make sure there is something on your registry that fits everyone’s budget.

2.) In doubt go neutral!! You can always dress up a table with a creative centerpiece.

3.) Will I still like this look in five, ten, or fifteen years?

4.) What is the overall look you are trying to convey with your registry? Often picking a color that you have used throughout your home is a great place to start. Or simply pick your favorite color, style, and/or pattern.

5.) If it breaks will I cry ;)?

The most important thing is to take time to choose something you love. Even if you inherit your mother, grandmother or even your wacky Aunt Ethel’s bone china, remember to accessorize with an open mind and create something uniquely your own!

Funky Functional

These plates by notNeutral City Plates are the perfect eclectic dish to be the show piece of your registry. With maps from Tokyo to New York they are certain be a conversation starter.

Keeping with the whimsical funky theme these juice glasses from Crate and Barrel are the perfect accessory.

The black stainless steel flatware by Almoco Flatware and modern S & P shakers complete this funky yet functional look.

Mix and Match Modern

Who says your dishes have to match? This collection of dishes are Edgar Allen Poe meets Carol Brady. // Mix and match these cups to add a sparkle to any tabletop // Not all flatware is created equal and this gold set is proof of that! From the mind of Michael C. Fina comes the perfect way to frame your place settings.

Sources – Design Public, Crate and Barrel, Design Within Reach, Gilt, Y Living, Fitzsu, Michael C. Fina

Real Weddings

Real Wedding – Roger & Joanne, San Francisco, CA

October 28, 2011

I am so excited to share Roger & Joanne’s sweet city hall wedding in San Francisco. These two prove that you don’t have to have a huge wedding & budget to still have style! I love their modern setting with a vintage touch. Enjoy these amazing images by Viera Photographics .

Photographer – Viera Photographics // Ceremony Location – San Francisco City Hall // Reception Venue – Foreign Cinema


Modern Bridal Portraits

June 22, 2011

Bridal portraits have a bad wrap of being old-fashioned or something you only do for the MOB. However, they can be a great excuse to practice your hair & makeup before the big day. If you are considering having them done (or your mom is making you), why not make them look more modern? A photographer with great lighting skills, can make you look like you are out of the pages of the latest fashion magazine. Both you and your mom will be pleased with the results! Enjoy these stunning images by Gregory Byerline Photography.

Images by Gregory Byerline Photography