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Unique Wedding Idea – Personalizing to your Taste

June 24, 2010

Your new initials.  Your name and your monogram now have a new life behind it.  We, at WedCandy, feel that your name and your monogram can create such a statement of two lives now becoming one.  Why not celebrate this new-ness?  One great idea is finding small ways to incorporate this throughout your wedding and ceremony.  Whether its personal between you and your soon-to-be husband or something you can share with your guests.  Its all about making it REAL.  Make it a celebration of a name.  The celebration of this new couple.  The celebration of making two names become one.

Breathtaking Images courtesy of:  Susan Stripling Photography

Paper Products

Local Paper – Nashville’s Hatch Show Print

April 23, 2010

One of my favorite things about Nashville is that we are able to claim the one and only Hatch Show Print. Although Hatch is well known for their concert posters, the “print” part of their name suggests they just might be able to do anything printable – and they might, so long as it is true to their very unique style.

Though some brides may find it daunting, covering all the ‘paper’ bases of a wedding is like a visit to a candy store for me (and I like candy!) – the possibilities are endless and I find it very exciting. From the “save the date” to the invites to the thank-you notes, Hatch’s 100+ year-old block printer can whip up something unique only to you and leave the recipients with a framable little piece art. A noteworthy fact that further solidified my love for Hatch Show Print is that last summer an original print of theirs graced the pages of the always-artful Anthropologie catalog (image below, right side). In fact, Hatch was the inspiration for the catolog’s entire shoot.

So as you are checking off your list of ‘papers’ for the wedding, consider Nashville’s historical, hip and artistic treasure right in our backyard. No need to fret over artistic direction – the Hatch designers happily collaborate and let you peruse and draw inspiration from a catalog of past projects. Do be sure to plan ahead because turnaround can sometimes be as long as six weeks, though well worth the wait.

List of printed papers for weddings:

  • Engagement announcements
  • Save the date
  • Shower invites
  • Wedding invites
  • Programs
  • Menus
  • Favors
  • Thank-you notes

Also check out the Hatch posters from my very own wedding (on the left)!