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Boys will be Boys – Remembering the Groom

July 15, 2010

Most of the joy and celebration for a Wedding is usually around the bride.  That is very understandable – with showers and gifts flowing in her direction from the day the engagement ring was placed on her finger until she walks down the aisle.  It’s a constant celebration.  During that time, its always fascinating to see how the groom is involved.  Whether it’s with a couples shower or just a few of the guys hanging out.  But one idea that’s always a fabulous idea is getting all the guys together for an afternoon – and going to get a close shave.  I have learned that this is something all men find as a treat, but not many actually do for themselves.  Why don’t you take a trip to your local Uncle Classic Babershop.  With now two locations in Nashville – Brentwood and Belle Meade – there should be one close by.  For under 40 bucks each of your groom and groomsmen can be treated to a straight razor shave with all the trimmings.  Truly, a guy should feel pampered too!

Awesome Image courtesy of: Jessica Lewis Photography

Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – The Simple Look

July 13, 2010

As a bride to be, you have done SO much planning for your big day. Why not have the carefree attitude that you will have as much help as needed the day of.  One thing to always consider is hiring a make-up artist.  The latest trend in bridal make-up is simple, classic and timeless.  Natural colors adding to your current features.  Nothing over the top and remembering that simple can be dramatic too.  Add neutral color shadows with fake lashes or adding a hint of bronzer to your cheeks to give you that sun-kissed and always fresh look.  There are so many ways that you can play with your look.  So, take the stress off and hire someone to make you look more stunning that you already are on your big day.

Photo courtesy of: Chris & Adrienne Scott