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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Guest Book with a Twist

July 20, 2010

At WedCandy, we feel that trends can range from gowns to shoes to makeup designs.  But today we venture a little outside the box and talk about one trend hitting local weddings.  It’s not a designer dress or a new bouquet of flowers…. its the guest book.  You are always wanting one unique way to keep a solid memory of all of the guests that attended your wedding – well, let me introduce you to the idea of the photo booth.  This is one way that allows your guest to leave you a picture with a personal message of happily ever afters and also lets your guests have a souvenir from your wedding to take home with themselves as well.  You can turn these photo booth images into your guest book by adding them to one special album that you will treasure forever.  This is scrap-booking at its finest, but you are letting your guests have all the creativity.  Visit The Classic Photobooth or Photobooth Nashville who are both sweeping the Nashville Wedding scene.

Have you attended a wedding where you used a Photo Booth?  Tell us about it! Also, have you used a photo guest book?  Submit us your picture…. we would LOVE to see your creativity!

photo courtesy of:  Catie Ronquillo Photography


Wedding Vendor Feature – StudioWed, Nashville

June 4, 2010

Meet. Plan. Get Married.  It’s as easy as that, right?  Only a few months ago, this brilliant new concept made its way from Ashville, NC all the way to our bright city of Nashville, TN.  The concept is all about the vendors coming to YOU and having one studio space to meet and plan.  Co-owners, Mary Alice Sublett and Leigh Barker will take great care of you to help you figure out all of your planning needs.  They will introduce you to wedding vendors that are only Nashville’s finest of the fine which are personally hand selected to be members of StudioWed.  From attire, to photography, to flowers…its all there and all for you to use.  StudioWed is the ultimate place to plan your perfect wedding.

Visit StudioWed in the trendy Edgehill Village.
1200 Villa Place, Suite 402
Nashville, TN 37212


Entertaining in Nashville

May 26, 2010

So you’re getting married in Nashville and last thing on your plate during your wedding week should be scrambling to entertain your out-of-town family during festivity downtime. Worry not – with a little advance planning, you can show them a good time without having to babysit. Nashville is a one-of-a-kind city, so send them out and show it off!

Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

1. The Country Music Hall of Fame – This may be so obvious you don’t even think about it. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome. You don’t have to be a Rascal Flatts fanatic to appreciate or enjoy this amazing museum. Just as long as you like music. Great space, great exhibits, great history… and there’s always the off-chance that someone like the Oak Ridge Boys will be on site, signing autographs. Oh, and while you’re downtown, don’t miss the Ryman Auditorium, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and/or Hatch Show Print – all within walking distance of the CMHOF.

2. Nash Trash Tour – You will probably not want to send your most conservative relatives here. But if you want to give a good survey of the city whilst being entertained by two fiesty old ladies, whilst riding in a giant pink bus, look no further than here.

3. Tour the Stars’ Homes – It may sound cheesy, but it will make Aunt Wanda’s year to be able to say she saw where Dolly Parton lives… or Jack White, Nichole Kidman and Little Jimmy Dickens.**

4. Jack Daniel’s Distillery – About an hour outside of Nashville, but a SCENIC hour outside Nashville. See were America’s most famous distilled beverage is made… or just enjoy some American history. Unfortunately for Aunt Wanda it’s a dry county, so tell her to bring her our own flask.

5. The Hermitage – Home of the 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. A beautiful historic home, chock-full of history. And if the weather’s nice, a nice stroll around the lovely Hermitage grounds could provide hours of enjoyment.

In short, there are plenty of great ways for your guests to invest in our beautiful city. Urge them to leave the hotel lobby. This may be the one time they ever see Nashville, so help them make it count!

For more ideas, visit

**all in separate houses

Lovely photo by Phindy Studios


Entertainment + Artwork at Your Reception

March 17, 2010

So much of a wedding is about capturing moments. Photography is the most popular means of moment-catching and indeed my favorite. But a wedding detail that I recently came across and just love is the hiring of a talented artist to paint a watercolor of the reception. It is a whimsical piece of art that evokes the mood of the event itself. Of course it helps if the space is interesting.

There are a couple of options: 1. you could have your photographer take a few overview pics to send to the artist or 2. you can have the artist attend and work on the painting right there during the event. I prefer the latter of the two – it would be so much fun for the guests to watch the artist at work.

This idea can also be a great gift for the bride and groom from friends or family… just be sure to run the details by the planner. What a fun surprise!

This watercolor painting was created on location by artist Isaac Alexander at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR.