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Engagement Session

Engagement Session – Bride & Groom’s Point of View

April 11, 2011
If you have an engagement session coming up, I’m sure you are wondering what you might need to do to prepare.  We’ve already shared some great tips as to what to wear, etc for your engagement session, but picking your location and setting can be just as fun and creative!  Photographers usually welcome ideas from their clients, so don’t be shy!  Today we are going to share a story from Ed & Katie.  They were great enough to share all that went into planning their beautiful engagement session at Mission San Juan Capistrano in California, with images by White Haute Photography.

“When Ed and I were brainstorming about the feel of our engagement shoot we knew we wanted a location with an untouched, rustic feel to it. Ed is from wine country on the central coast of California so he really liked the idea of having a natural backdrop. After searching, we chose to shoot our engagement photos at Mission San Juan Capistrano and also some nearby flowering fields. We felt the historical and natural beauty of the mission fit perfectly with our theme.

After choosing the place, our clothing and props were an easy choice because we wanted them to be simple and compliment the overall feel of the location. We both brought two different outfits and stuck to basic shades and neutrals. Ed’s first outfit was a plaid blue, green button up and denim. I love dresses so I complimented his choice with a grey, green dress but paired it down with a light brown belt and shoes. When we moved to the fields we thought it would be fun to switch to cowboy boots and into our final outfits. Ed switched to a light grey striped button up and denim and I switched to a pale pink blouse and denim leggings. We wanted to keep our clothes fun but simple so not to take away from ourselves and the beautiful surroundings.

Our props were easy choices. We wanted to emulate the feel of a day out in the country by imitating an old fashioned picnic. I snagged a vintage tea set, picnic basket, and blanket from some vintage stores close by. In total we spent about two hours shooting and are delighted with how our photos turned out. They are exactly what we had envisioned. We plan to use them for our save the dates. We also plan to incorporate them into our vintage themed wedding by displaying them throughout the venue, and of course we will be hanging some in our new home following the wedding.”



Engagement Sessions- What to Wear?

March 31, 2011
You toil over what you are going to wear out on Saturday night so, of course, picking out what to wear for an engagement session probably makes your head spin. Here are a few rules of thumb when selecting you and your man’s attire:

  1. Don’t be scared of prints- but if one of you is going for a print, the other person should wear a solid. (Example: you have a floral print dress? go for it! Your guy could wear a solid button down with jeans.)
  2. Don’t wear black. Sure it may be slimming but it doesn’t show up well in photos.
  3. Do ask your best gal for her opinion, that is if you respect her style. If not, ask someone else. You could even email us a picture of your ensemble and we will tell it to you straight!
  4. Do wear lipstick- even if you don’t usually wear it. I promise you will thank me when you get your pictures back.
Engagement sessions are great and we, here at WedCandy, highly recommend them. It is a great way for you and your guy to “practice” being in front of the camera. Plus, you get to know your photographer better and therefore, will be more comfortable on the big day.


Images by Jennifer Creed