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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Getting {DIY} Inspired

August 31, 2010

I am sure that you haven’t forgotten the fabulous centerpieces that adorned your best friends wedding reception.  Or possibly the handmade invitations that your sister -in-law did for her backyard affair.  Well now ladies, you can too.  This week we are looking into the trend of “doing it yourself”.  I am sure that we have all been a little jealous of those super creative friends that you always seem to be helping out at the last minute…. well now, you can too.  WedCandy did a little research and found an amazing resource in the very own Martha Stewart that will provide you with templates and easy how-to’s galore.  From wedding invitations, to reply cards, to centerpieces to even your decorations.  It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s still oh so glamorous.

Submit to us your “do it yourself” projects in the comments below!

Images courtesy of:  Martha Stewart Weddings