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Favorite Flower: Peony

May 19, 2011

It is possible that this is my favorite time of year due solely to the peony-factor. Peonies are everywhere. As recently as two weeks ago, they were blooming all across Nashville. Peonies are among my favorite flowers to use for my wedding floral designs. In addition to their tremendous beauty, their size is perfect for filling out bouquets. The variety of color is vast and includes various shades of pink, white, purple, red and coral.

However, if you are looking for a peony alternative for a late spring/early summer wedding, let me suggest garden roses. Garden roses offer a similar effect and are technically in season for much longer than peonies. But all we are saying is give peonies a chance.

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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Accessorize the Groom

February 22, 2011

With all the Wedding planning underway, you are now starting to see all of your little wedding dreams come to a reality.  The scene in which you are creating and how everything {and really EVERYTHING} seems to just come together into one magical moment.  It’s you and your future husband that are the ultimate focus.  So, in all of your planning don’t forget one little important factor – accessorizing your groom.  It’s easy – and still so very classy – to outfit him in a classic black tux.  That tux can fit most any setting, indoors or outdoors.  But it should be the accessories that make your groom stand out.  Hues of blue are so in this season – so imagine him in a stellar blue tie in a graphic print or a pocket square that just adds that pop of color that goes so well with your color scheme. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and go beyond a solid color tie.  The tie or pocket sqaure – whether a stripe, plaid or print – will add that other element of uniqueness that you are all looking for.  It will make him feel like a million bucks and will help “tie” every one of your details together into that one unforgettable setting.

Visit J. McLaughlin for an amazing selection of men’s accessories.

Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – The Simple Look

July 13, 2010

As a bride to be, you have done SO much planning for your big day. Why not have the carefree attitude that you will have as much help as needed the day of.  One thing to always consider is hiring a make-up artist.  The latest trend in bridal make-up is simple, classic and timeless.  Natural colors adding to your current features.  Nothing over the top and remembering that simple can be dramatic too.  Add neutral color shadows with fake lashes or adding a hint of bronzer to your cheeks to give you that sun-kissed and always fresh look.  There are so many ways that you can play with your look.  So, take the stress off and hire someone to make you look more stunning that you already are on your big day.

Photo courtesy of: Chris & Adrienne Scott

Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Stellar Shoes

June 22, 2010

The one accessories that can seem like an after thought.  The one accessory that seems to be hidden.  The one accessory that can speak VOLUMES when portraying your personality with your wedding attire.  It compliments your gown and compliments your style.  Your shoes…. I just don’t mean any shoes.  I mean stellar shoes.  Bright colors of blues and greens.  Sparkles that can be seen from pews away and that seem to catch the light from the dance floor.  One pop of color that can be seen hiding from under your dress.  The is the one trend that we do not see fading away.

Show your true colors.  Let your style sparkle.  Show your shoes.

Gorgeous images courtesy of:  Stephanie Fay Photography


Adding Pop – Breathtaking Bouquets of Color

June 17, 2010

Imagine coats of white, muted bridesmaids dresses and gleams of breathtaking flowers.  Your statement down the isle is not only your gorgeous dress selection but also that immaculate bouquet that you are carrying.  When selecting your bouquet of flowers remember to compliment colors throughout your wedding and your ceremony location. If you are having an outside affair, mimic the greens in your surroundings.  If your having an indoor ceremony, mimic the stained glass of your church windows or the light that will replecate off the beading and lace of your gown.  Bright yellows, lovely pinks and beautiful reds.  These pops of color will radiate through all of your images and be captured for years to come.  This is what will make these moments so very breathtaking…. besides you, the bride herself.

This beautiful bouquet is by the talented Hillary Robson of Brocade Design Arts in Nashville.

Beautiful Images provided by:  Chris & Adrienne Scott