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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – ShopBop Wedding Boutique

May 31, 2011

It seems as though many online retailers are finally getting into the wedding business.  The fashions seem endless and the designers seem plentiful.  One of our favorite online hot spots is ShopBop.  This site features many high fashion and contemporary designers – including apparel, shoes and accessories.  Recently they launched a signature  Wedding Boutique offering a wide range of amazing designers that can sometimes get overlooked in the Bridal Market.  Designers such a Alice + Olivia, Halston, BCBG and Marchesa – just to name a few.  They offer some of the most gorgeous gowns that are truly unique and beyond your classic silhouette.  Draping fabrics in both short and long stylings.  Also – in rounding out their boutique offering  – you can also shop for bridesmaids dresses, shoes and accessories.  Truly becoming a one stop shop for designer and contemporary Bridal.  Make sure you sign up for notifications when new items are added…. and never miss the chance to own one of these stellar gowns.

Visit the ShopBop Wedding Boutique and let us know some of your favorites!

Bridal Fashion

Big Picture- Bridesmaid Dresses

May 5, 2011

Give your bridesmaids the gift they can wear over and over again. When selecting an ensemble for your favorite ladies, consider how the outfit will photograph.  As a rule of thumb: if it photographs well, then it looks good in real life, too.

It’s a good idea to look for dresses in interesting colors and shapes. Prints can work too, though I recommend sticking with a smaller scale pattern. Also make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen are not wearing the same overall color. If you’re not careful, your wedding day can turn into a sea of (insert color here). If you aren’t sure what to pick, show your photographer a few options – he or she should be able to steer you in the right direction.

These lovely numbers would look incredible on your wedding party and can all be found at Net-a-Porter. Notice we did not select any black dresses. Black is a nice idea because bridesmaids can re-wear the color more easily, but black dresses do not photograph well – especially if the groomsmen are wearing black suits. Too much black!

For the Guys

For a Dapper Young Man

April 21, 2011

If you are a fan of the Billy Reid look and have a ring bearer to outfit, head over to the J.Crew boys’ section. There you will find suits, bow ties, shoes and other accessories sure to make even the best dressed gentleman jealous. However, it is not necessary the ring bearer match the groomsmen perfectly. In fact, we love when the best (young) man has a look all his own. He has a very important job – dress him for it.

Bridal Fashion

Unexpected Bridal Accessories – BHLDN

April 7, 2011
Accessories are like icing on the cake and we sure love icing here at WedCandy! The expected (and loved) accessories include veils, necklaces and earrings. Why not add a more unexpected accessory to your wedding attire? As always, BHLDN does not disappoint! Here are our favorite bracelets and pins from their collection.

Statement piece or understated elegance – these bracelets will add a touch of glamour to your look.

These pins would look amazing on a wedding sash belted at the waist.

Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – The “Bow Tie” Effect

April 5, 2011

This week, lets focus a little bit more on the Groom…

I always believe that the Bride should never underestimate how much your Groom might really feel about his Wedding day attire.  Making sure he looks dapper and so very handsome.  Know that he is wanting to look his best – especially for you.  We do know, especially in the south, the bow ties are making a serious comeback.  Whether its a Spring or Fall affair you are planning there is always a bow tie pattern, print and shape that would fit your Grooms needs.  I personally love the traditional bow tie.  They are easy, not fussy and you have endless options of colors and patterns.  They will make your Groom look very unique and will give him a chance to exhibit his personality in the color of bow tie he might choose.  One idea is to let your groomsmen select a different bow tie – in the same color family – and give your Groom one more reason to stand out.

I have included below a good cheat sheet for any Bride and Groom to carry on the big day…. how to tie a bow tie.  It’s a true artform.  And just incase, things start to get a little crooked during your photographs, you will both know how to straighten it (or him) out.

How to tie a Bow Tie:

1.  Start with one end slightly longer then the other.

2. Cross the long end over the short end.

3. Bring the long end through the center, directly at the neck.

4.  Form an angle loop with the short end crossing to your left.

5. Drop the long end at the neck, directly over the horizontal loop.

6. Form a similar angle loop with the long end that is remaining loose.

7. Push through the short loop.

8. Tighten the knot by adjusting both ends

Shop for a great selection of Bow Ties in-store or online at Brooks Brothers