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Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Define your Silhouette {part 2)

March 6, 2012

Last week’s Tuesday’s Trendwatch we began talking about defining your gown silhouette.  Hinting that your wedding dress selection experience will be less stressful  if you come into the situation completed prepared as possible.  Doing a little research ahead of time on designers, styles, fabrics and silhouettes that would define your shape and taste.  It’s best to know these terms going into the experience so that you can narrow down your selection as much as possible in the get-go.  Last week, we discussed dress silhouettes – this week, we will touch on neckline silhouettes.

Straight:  Simple and Classic.  This style is a clean line across your chest and is very common on strapless gowns.

Sweetheart:  Common as well on strapless gown where the sweetheart dips in the middle creating slightly rounded lines.  Think of it as cutting out the top of a paper heart.

V-Neck:  Simple and Demure.  A plunge halfway to your naval.  Usually seen with straps or sleeveless but most commonly seen on halter top style.

Scoopneck:  Usually always seen with straps where there are no hard edges – just a gentle round line that is created from shoulder to shoulder.

Boatneck:  High on the chest and cuts across from shoulder to shoulder with a slight dip in the middle.

Portrait:  This style is similar to a scoopneck but the fabric inches closer to your neck at the top and ends in a sweetheart shape at the bust.  This neckline is usually seen with capsleeves.

Gown images: Vera Wang
Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Define your Silhouette

February 28, 2012

Over the next two weeks we will be re-posting a series we did last year that helps YOU understand the differences in the bridal gown shillouettes.  With Bridal Season in full swing we, here at WedCandy, think its very important that you truly understand the differences in shillouettes before you go in and have the magical moment of finding your perfect gown.  If you have any questions at all or if you have already chosen your perfect gown – let us know – reach out – comment below.  We always love to hear from you and your experiences.

It can be an overwhelming experience, but a VERY exciting one when the day is finally upon you to shop for your wedding dress.  Its best to always come into the experience prepared – this means do a little research ahead of time.  Study designers, study fabrics, but most of all study sillouettes.  Understanding different silhouette’s will help your wedding dress selection be a less stressful event because you will know where to narrow your focus.  The 1000s of gowns can be easily narrowed down when you understand the different gown silhouettes and what you feel will flatter your figure and your taste.  So, lets make this a little easier….below we defined it for you, so print this out and add it to your Wedding Planner {that we know you have!} and make notes, add cut out pictures and list your favorite designers.

Goddess:  The newcomer on the scene that many designers use to describe a gown that is very loose and flows from just under the bustline.  This shape is relative to an empire waist and the fabrics are usually very breezy and made of chiffon.

Sheath:  Simple and Clean.  This dress usually has a fitted shape from top to bottom.  The dress might be cut on the bias, ruched or covered in lace so there is no distinct flare or separate skirt.

Mermaid:  Very traditional silhouette for the bride that wants to draw attention to her shape and flattering figure.  The skirt is fitted to the knees and then flares out to the floor.

Trumpet:  This style is for the bride who wants to accentuate her shape but without being too restrictive.  The skirt hugs the hips and then begins to flow into an A-line shape around the mid-thigh.

A-Line:  This is one of the most universally flattering cuts.  This classic style angles out directly below the waist where a modified A-line may graze the top of the hips.

Ball Gown:  This style can be described in one word “Cinderella”.  Typically big, dramatic and supported by crinoline that allows the skirt to poof out before it falls to the floor.

Gown images: Monique Lhuillier 

Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Bold Printed Honeymoon

February 21, 2012

Bold prints have been seen in many resort collections from top designers. The key is wearing the bold prints with neutral shoes – giving ultimate emphasis to the design itself. Throw a few accessories in with the mix, such as a statement necklace and LARGE shades – and you will look beyond fabulous. These bold prints are the PERFECT time to show off on your exotic honeymoon, beach side, where bold colors are always best. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these prints together. Staying within the same color scheme but with different prints will help you ease into this trend and will make you look very classic and effortless. One of my (ultimate!) favorite sportswear designers that is taking this fashion trend to the next level is Tory Burch. Showing her new resort collection – mixing bold prints seems so easy. From shorts and dresses to swimsuit cover ups – its a timeless way to make a statement but still look so carefree. Keep these looks in mind when packing for your honeymoon – with your new life and new hubby – now is the time to try this new BOLD look.

Images courtesy of:  Tory Burch

Bridal Fashion

Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Insider Tips from Arzelle’s

February 7, 2012

Wouldn’t we all want to know the insider secrets?  Well ladies, we were able to stumble upon a few… and the best part is that they are directly from one of the most prestigious bridal salons in Nashville.  Arzelle’s features designers that are only found in New York and bring them directly to our Brides here in Nashville.  They have couture gowns in a wide array of prices, fabrics and styles – keeping every bride in mind.  They also carry a fabulous collection of bridesmaids dresses, selections for mother of the bride as well as their very own “Grooms Room” – where your groom will feel right at home in fitting for his Tuxedo.

Arzelle’s has been around the Nashville scene for many years and has a wonderful reputation for being some of the leading industry bridal know-how’s.  Below we have some advise – some VERY well spoken advise – directly from the ladies at Arzelle’s.  It’s always best to get the insider advise directly from the source.  So take note and let it sink in.  You won’t regret it….

Well it’s finally here, Bridal Season! Here are a few expert tips that should be taken by any newly engaged bride. If you have already been a bride, share this with all your engaged friends!

1. Do Your Research – Nine months to a year start collecting photos of dresses. Start noting certain styles of fabrics you like. Try to in vision what you want to look like on your wedding day.

2. Book Your Boutiques – Call a month ahead for Saturday reservations. Allow an hour and half for your appointments. Arzelle’s tip: Make your appointment on the weekdays, it is less crowded!

3. Select Your Style – The date of your wedding and the setting really influence the style of your wedding dress. Example: If you have a beach wedding, you won’t be wearing a silk satin ballgown!

4. Try It On For Size – When trying wedding gowns on wear the appropriate undergarments. If you are planning on wearing Spanx on your wedding day, then wear Spanx when trying on wedding dresses.

5. The Gown – When shopping for your dream wedding dress, bring only two or three relatives or friends with you. Wedding dress shopping can actually be a bad experience if you bring too many people with you. It can be counterproductive when there are too many opinions about the dress. Consider professional help, and ask the consultant to pick a dress that they think would look good on you. While it may be tempting to bring all your bridesmaids and family members, it is much better for the bride and her wedding dress shopping experience.

6. Take The Plunge – Purchase your dress at least six months in advance to allow shipping and adjustments. Our dresses at Arzelle’s only take 14-16 weeks to come in, but you need to allow time for alterations and bridal portraits.

7. Don’t Show Everyone Your Dress! – You want everyone to be stunned when they see you on your wedding day, only let a few close people see your dress before the big day.

Ready, Set, Go!
Happy Bridal Season Everyone!

photo courtesy of Amelia J. Moore