Photo Perks – The Day After Session

July 1, 2010

One of the new trends in Wedding Photography is the “day after session”.  This idea has been around for quite sometime but is now being brought to light with all of the new, brilliant wedding photographers and seeing all of the perks that allow them to take some fantastic images.  With many photographers, this is an option as part of their Wedding packages.  Make sure you inquire about it!  And here are the reasons….

There are many benefits to a day after session.  One major benefit is the unrestricted time limit and the minimal amount of stress between you – your new husband – and your team of photographers.  Now, instead of worrying about starting pictures at 3, being done with ALL shots by 5, to start the wedding at 6 and moving onto the reception at 7… (whew!) you can now just relax and enjoy the time together getting some great images.  Secondly, is having a slightly more relaxed attitude about your attire.  We know that the day of the Wedding, your dress should not be touched.  Your dress should stay as clean and pristine as if you just picked it up from the cleaners.  This may limit your photo surroundings to only “cleaner” settings.  Choosing a day after session opens up that window.  You might be more open to actually sitting on the ground or walking thru an alleyway that you were rather uncertain about before.  Lastly, is the use of different settings.  Since you will now have more time and less of a schedule with your photographer – you have the opportunity to cover more ground.  Would you have loved to have gotten shots downtown in your wedding attire but didn’t have the time to “escape” the day of your wedding?  Now is the time.  You can get unique and radiant images – where truly the possibilities are endless.

Gorgeous day-after images courtesy of:  Phindy Studios

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