Guest Post – Makeup Artist, Amy Lynn Larwig

January 20, 2012

I always like to ask my clients about their normal, everyday makeup routine before I get started making their faces super fab. Majority of the time, the women I work with are used to choosing their products from Target or Walgreens and are easily sold on CoverGirl ads of Taylor Swift. I believe that when you find a product you love, you should stick to it, regardless of where it came from or how much it costs. But I do want to make mention of a few cosmetic lines you may be overlooking.

Tarte– Beauty products that pack a punch, but are still green, safe & healthy. Available online or at Sephora, you won’t be disappointment in their performance for your everyday makeup. Intro product: LipSurgence

Urban Decay– Makeup with spunk. UD has some unique items that will open new doors for your morning routine. Also available online or at Sephora, they are high pigment colors with pizzaz and products that address everyday issues such as eyecolor creasing. Intro product: The Naked Palette. A palette so fantastic, I’m devoting an entire blog post to it next week.

Dior– When you think luxury, you think Dior. These products are amazing quality and prefect for the girl who wants a couture look, even when she’s just going grocery shopping. Found online, at Sephora, or at department stores, this is a brand that oozes lavishness and boasts products that merge beauty and fashion. Intro product: DiorShow mascara.

So step out of the Maybelline box ladies and start exploring other lines that may have your next all time fav waiting for you!

For your makeup needs, contact Nashville Makeup Artist, Amy Lynn Larwig, for more information

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