True Love – Writing your own Vows

August 26, 2010

Writing your own vows can be a feat within itself.  You are already stressed in planning your wedding of the century and now, you and your soon to be husband have decided to write your own vows.  This is a great way to still be somewhat traditional but able to make the ceremony unique and catered specifically to you and your groom.  Using so much emotion and personal sentiment in front of all of your guests can we be quite an affair and make for one serious memory.  Writing your own vows should be personal between the two of you.  Feel free to ask your Officiant to turn off his mic (if relevant) so that these vows are only heard between you and your groom or if you feel comfortable and would like to express these vows in front of your crowd, make sure your Maid of Honor is fully loaded with kleenex – I am sure it will be needed.  When emotions come straight from the heart, they are heartfelt and true to the core.  These vows are something you will both treasure forever.

Gorgeous Images by: Olivia Leigh Photographie

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