Thinking Outside The Box: Your Centerpieces

December 19, 2011

One of the most important parts of your reception decor is the centerpieces you choose. Your centerpieces set the tone for the type of reception you are having. Tightly packed red roses say one thing while arrangements accented with fresh fruit say something entirely different. Vintage tin cans vases filled with different colored flowers will add a touch of color and whimsy to any tablescape. While fresh slices of lemons and limes in glass vases create the base for a more modern vignette. As far as I am concerned anything you can fit inside a vase is fair game! What ever direction you choose to go in be sure to think outside the box!

Having a vintage themed wedding? Why not ask your florist to think outside the box as well!! Glass vases filled with multi-colored game pieces or marbles, topped with bunches of flowers, will create truly unique centerpieces. The addition of vintage block letters to create table names or numbers will make the centerpieces memorable.

Images by Martha Stewart Weddings // The Style Files



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