The Importance of Savoring the Moment

April 30, 2012

So your big day is mere weeks away and life is a blur to say the least. One of the things people keep telling you is how important it is to savor the moment. And while you have heard everything from how you should decorate your tables to what you should wear, the advice about savoring the moment is very true. It is not going to be easy and it will definitely take some major wedding day focus. The truth is this momentous occasion in your life, the one you have been planning and obsessing over for a year, will be over in a blink. Acknowledge this, make your piece with it and on your wedding day stop every once and a while to savor the little moments. Take mental notes of how amazing it is to feel so beautiful and special with all your loved ones around. Pictures will last forever but if all you can remember is something borrowed and something blue, all those lovely details will be missed.

Image provided by A Memory Lane Event

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