The True Joy of a Real Engagement

July 22, 2010

There is nothing more special then that exact moment.  The exact moment that your future husband pops the question.  It’s a moment that you want to freeze in time for all eternity.  A moment that you will replay over and over again in your mind for years to come.  A moment that you realize that your life is about to change for the better.

Whether you have been engaged or are already married  – you have to admit that you can still get butterflies hearing the story of “how it happened” and wanting to know every single little detail.  Some newly engaged couples are getting really creative on documenting these special moments.  Documenting them so that they can share with friends, family and for people like you.  We came across this video just the other day and have watched it too many times.  I hope this little peice of joy sparks that little butterfly that gets you even more excited for that journey of wedded bliss!

Beautiful Images by:  Anna Kuperberg

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