Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Going Green

August 24, 2010

As we have mentioned before – our Tuesday’s Trendwatch post is not only about great style and fashion, but also about what trend’s we are seeing in the Bridal and Wedding market.  From a gorgeous gown to a stellar wedding reception – its all based off trends we see in our day to day.

Another trend that has made its way into the Wedding scene is the idea of “going green”.  We, at WedCandy, have done a little research and come up with 10 excellent ways to make your wedding and reception a green event.  We all care in one way or another about our environment – why not make a difference with your big event?

1. Use 100% recycled invitations.  Encourage your guests to recycle or even plant their invitations based upon the style that you choose.

2. Use less paper.  Tell your guests about your reception and hotel accommodations via email or by creating your own wedding web page.

3.  Choose a Reply Postcard.  This will cut down on the use of paper (no envelope!) and save you money (less postage!).  Don’t forget to use recycled paper for that added bonus.

4.  Buy Vintage.  Buy a Vintage Wedding Dress and possibly even a Tuxedo from a designer resale shop or from

5.  Choose Local Flowers.  Research local designers that use flowers locally.  Think about using arrangements that can be sent home with you guests and be re-planted.

6.  Recycled Jewelry.  Look into purchasing recycled gold and platinum and have it made into a unique setting all your own.  Also, don’t forget to use family heirlooms as well.

7.  Organic Entrees.  Choose a caterer that will serve organic entrees and finger foods from locally grown farmers.   This can also include serving local beer and wine during your reception.

8. Close Reception Location.  Research different wedding reception locations that are close to the location you chose to get married and have your nuptials.  This will reduce carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.

9.  Donate, donate, donate.  Instead of handing out wedding favors, let your guests know that you will be donating $ per guest to a local charity.

10.  Other resources.  Visit the I Do Foundation for other great ideas – from donating your Wedding dress to donating money from your registries.

Don’t forget – have fun – even while going green!

Beautiful Images by:  Emily Johnston Anderson

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