Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Fruit by the Dozen

March 15, 2011

Not all Wedding trends have to be about Fashion.  We can span these trends into decor, favors and of course {my favorite} the accessories.  Lately, I have had a serious obsession with fruit and especially decorating with fruit in my own humble abode but I have starting noticing a serious trend towards using fruit as part of your Wedding decor.  I’m just not talking centerpieces – but branching out into favors, seating charts, bouquets and even incorporating into your signature drink being served during dinner.  Send your guests away with a netted bag full of miniature lemons, telling them how sweet it was to attend your Wedding.  Or have your table with seating assignments full of bright green apples.  Cut a tiny slit in the top of each apple and to place your guests name and table number in for a unique twist on a traditional Wedding detail.  What about your bouquet?  Imagine a beautiful bouquet full of roses with bright spots of tiny nectarines.  Just talking about it gets me excited for Spring!

Venture out into unique fruit that gives you a wide array of colors – pomegranets, pears and grapefruit. Don’t be afraid to take this route with your Wedding details.  It will make your Wedding affair very classy, yet casual and oh so colorful.

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