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Cakes and Sweets

Favors – The Candy Buffet

December 15, 2011

Who doesn’t love a table full of candy!! Give your guests the gift of feeling like a kid again at your wedding reception by laying out a table full of everyone’s favorite candy! Glass apothecary jars of all sizes are the perfect way to elegantly display the candies. Let your guests scoop up the goods into little bags with a signature stamp of your new monogram. Or perhaps mini Chinese take-out boxes would give the table display a funkier vibe. Is your event going to be a formal chocolate bon bon kind of event or a more whimsical candy dots type of affair? Whether it be a table filled with every chocolate imaginable or a color coordinated vintage candy road trip, a candy buffet is the way to spoil your guests!

Images by: Cocktails Details // Sweet Designs 

Cakes and Sweets

Cakes & Sweets – The Sugar Wagon

December 7, 2011

Looking for something sweet to add to your wedding or even replace the cake? Look no further than the Sugar Wagon, right here in Nashville, TN. Tracy & Jane have a super cute retro cart that they can fill with all kinds of high quality ice cream sandwiches and confections. I love that they use organic ingredients from local Tennessee producers and are also able to provide gluten-free & vegan options if needed. Visit Sugar Wagon for more info!

Images by Sugar Wagon

Cakes and Sweets

Thinking Outside The Box : Your Cake

November 21, 2011

There are so many different aspects to planning a wedding. One of the most fun and delicious parts of planning a wedding is choosing your cake. From the design to the tasting, this is one thing on your “to do” list that you should look forward to! There are several things to think about when planning your cake’s design. Start by thinking about the shape of your cake. Do you prefer round, square, or something unique like a spiral or starburst design? Colors are an important aspect of your cake’s design. Simply using your chosen wedding colors is not your only option! Is there a pattern or design that inspired these colors in the first place? Will you choose a delicate white cake with little flowers or a bold patterned cake that would rival the craziest of Missoni prints?


Cake sources – Martha Stewart Weddings // Maggie Austin Cake  // Susan Stripling Photography // Pink Cake Box


Cakes and Sweets

Cake Toppers by Goose Grease

November 16, 2011
Cake toppers are a great way to personalize & spruce up your wedding cake. I fell in love with Goose Grease’s hand painted wedding toppers as soon as I saw them. Each pair is so unique and they can be custom made or semi custom made according to your price range…they’d also make an awesome gift & keepsake.
To get more information & to see all their fun cake toppers, visit Goose Grease’s store & blog.
Cakes and Sweets

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

July 28, 2011

Looking for something unique to place on top of your wedding cake? Look no further than these super fun custom wedding cake toppers, made to look just like you! Every time I see these, I am amazed at how much likeness they have for the couple. I also love that the artists are usually open to including your pets & hobbies. Really, you can add anything you can think of. Make sure to check out fun vendors like MudCard on Etsy to order your very own mini-me.

Images by Phindy Studios