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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Wedding Style Icons

June 28, 2011

Style Icons can last generations – no matter if they were iconic in the 40s or 80s – there are just some people that will always be perceived as a style icon.  It’s always such an honor to be named or categorized as this within the fashion industry.  Their names are recognized as pure beauty and their style always represents class.  Many designers today use these style icons as simple inspiration and can at times be a foundation for an entire bridal collection.  For you, our Bride, it can be so much more.  It can be that beauty and even the confidence that she may portray.  We, at WedCandy, have pulled together a couple of our favorite style icons and in their most glorious moment – their wedding day.  Marilyn, Elizabeth & Jackie O, we love you so.

Images courtesy of:  Keystone/ Getty Images.

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