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The Bride Room, Nashville – 10th Anniversary Soiree

April 18, 2011
Pulling up to Houston Station – not knowing what to expect, only having the anticipation of this fabulous soiree that you know you about to enter.  We had been hearing about it for weeks.  We had been getting sneak peeks from the ladies at The Bride Room for many, many days.  Walking into Houston Station, the exposed brick – the hardwood floors – the stellar decorations, you knew that this was going to be one fabulous night.  The entrance hall was decorated with tables featuring some of their favorite wedding vendors that had helped The Bride Room in planning this amazing event.  Off on a small path was the always popular photo booth and then there was THE main event space.  These were all only sneak peeks as to what was to come. Neutral tones, decor complimenting the natural-ness of the room, whites to silvers to tans and yes, even branches.  Bringing the outdoors in.  The decor made you speechless.  It was classy, yet understated – not overtaking the meaning of the whole night – the celebration of 10 years of The Bride Room.  The night started with a cocktail hour from 6 to 7 and at 7:00 pm – on the dot – the fashion show started.

White chairs and couches lined the runway as the space was transformed into something you would see in NYC.  Owner, Charlotte Poling and her team, Stephanie and Amy started the fashion show off with a personal {and heartwarming} video giving thanks and praises, which the girls just beamed with happiness.  Then the music started – the dresses started coming down the runway – one by one.  Starting with a feature selection of bridesmaid dresses – flowing fabrics – neutral colors – understated jewelry and accessories.  The focus was on the designs.  T-length and short {above the knee} dresses were a staple.  Then, there were the gowns.  Breathtaking selection that only gave us a glimpse of what The Bride Room has to offer and the impeccable taste that this team of ladies has.  Layers, pockets, bows, lace – I could keep going.  Something in every silhouette.  Every time a girl rounded the corner with a new dress, the crowd would whisper and awe.  I heard so many times, “THAT would be my dress”.  There was truly something for everyone.  The show ended with a fabulous finale and the ladies of The Bride Room making their presence on the runway.  The night was good.

Afterwards, the DJ started playing and the crowd starting mingling.  Charlotte, Stephanie and Amy made their way through the crowd giving thanks for all who came.  I was witnessing someone reliving their own Wedding day.  Realizing that everyone was there for support, well wishes and congrats – you made it Charlotte. The Bride Room and all its success was truly well celebrated.

I had the opportunity to speak with Charlotte Poling, owner of The Bride Room:

WedCandy: How did the concept of The Bride Room evolve?

Charlotte: I couldn’t find a dress! plain and simple. retail is in my blood… as is the formal affair.  As we started researching, we saw that there was a niche in the market that wasn’t being filled in regards to bridal at the designer level …as i {nervously – hand shaking as i dialed} started calling designers in NYC, they were *dying* to get into the Nashville market! It was fate.

WedCandy: Did you always know that you wanted to be in the Bridal industry?

Charlotte: If you know me, you know I love a formal affair… any excuse to get dressed up – wear fabulous shoes – I love it.  As a fashion merchandising major in college I did all of my *major projects* on some sort of formal garment/era/affair and specifically on bridal at any chance I got. This, plus my love and appreciation of construction and textiles, makes for the perfect storm in the bridal industry.

WedCandy: What is your favorite part of owning The Bride Room?

Charlotte: There are so many things… so hard to name just one! First, I would have to say the relationships… I consider us lucky – privileged – honored to be a part of the most delightful time in a bride’s life… there is simply *nothing* like that moment when she finds *the one* ….oh! it gives me chills just thinking about it!  Then, there’s the joy of getting to make a living doing something you love… there’s nothing like it!  I feel very fortunate!  Of course, market … oh, my 2nd home, NYC…. At my first market, I thought, *I’ve made it!!* I’ve learned a lot since then but when I walked into my first *real* New York runway show and saw Anna Wintour on the front row? I really thought I’d made it.

WedCandy: Bridal Market is all the rage, what is the best part of hand selecting the gowns for your boutique?

Charlotte: Bridal market is all the rage, indeed!  Each season I wonder how designers could possibly top the last season… but alas, they do – and in full fashion!  I can’t wait to see what’s up their sleeves… each store truly buys with their bride in mind – our brides here in the south are different from those on the east coast – or the west coast – or the mid west.  Our brides are soft, southern and feminine – sophisticated but fashionable… forward but classic. Within all of those categories there are formal brides – and casual brides – girls marrying inside the church – girls marrying in a pasture — the options are endless! Selecting a collection for the store is a labor of love – a treat for us!  There is no true formula… its much like choosing your own wedding gown: you know it when you see it!

WedCandy: You must get so much joy with all of your Brides, what is it about being there to help the bride find “the one” dress?

Charlotte: Joy – I love that word! There is so much of it in our store on a daily basis! There are so many brides – all with different decision making abilities – that it makes for a different reaction, a different feeling each time.  This truly keeps it fresh and exciting for us – and allows us to genuinely be excited for each and every bride.

WedCandy: Do you define your “job” as more of a passion or an obsession?  {i know I’m obsessed}

Charlotte: Depends on your definition of the two!!  If you were there Thursday night {at our 10 year Anniversary Party}, you know that I am passionate – to an emotional fault about what i do… I am truly entrenched in the industry and am passionate about seeing it through and making it better … obsessed? Yes.  After four 24 hour days of living and breathing bridal in NYC, you can find us in our seats on the plane pouring over bridal magazines and photos we’ve just taken…. Really? Haven’t we had enough? No. Actually, we just can’t get enough. Passionate? Obsessed? Make it a double.

WedCandy: Tell me about your team – I know that you have one fabulous group.  What is the one characteristic that stands out for each?

Charlotte: Oh, my girls. Truly they are the face of our company – they are the glue – my rock – and happen to be two of the best friends a girl could have. Stephanie and Amy are two of the most sincere, thoughtful, hard working, dedicated, life-loving, fun-loving girls you will ever know — long after The Bride Room is gone, Char, Steph and Amy will still be.

WedCandy: So, this is a HUGE milestone in reaching 10 years – so can we look forward to 10 more years?

Charlotte: If they’re anything like the first 10? Lets do it!

The Girls of The Bride Room (from left) – Stephanie, Charlotte & Amy

Photography – Kristyn Hogan // Florals – Brocade Design Arts // Model’s Make-up & Hair – Amy Lynn Larwig // Venue – Houston Station

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