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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Personal Wedding Style

October 11, 2011

This weeks Tuesday’s Trendwatch is more on a personal note. Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary. It’s a day that seems like only yesterday and I can truly not-even-believe how fast time has gone by. I remember everything about that day – or everything that I possibly can remember – I admit I was on Cloud 9 like any other Bride. But as I look back on that day – the pictures that were taken – the memories that were made – it all goes back to ONE decision.  That one decision that I made one fateful day that I said “I Do” – I said “I Do” to the dress I chose.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my dress – and I mean LOVED. But the experiences that I share with you and the passion that I have for this industry all go back to personal situations. I did not take my time….my “perfect” dress was the 3rd dress that I tried on. I knew it, I knew the moment that I put it on that it was meant for me. In total I might have tried on 8 dresses – but it was that 3rd dress that I dreamt about at night. It was a scoop neck, spaghetti strap, empire waist, white dress.  It was beaded all along the top and down the entire back in gold and tan leaves. It was intricate but simple. It flattered me and my {previous} body type. It was everything that you hope to experience on that day.

But now, I am older and much wiser {well, sort of} and I ask myself – if I was getting married today, would that be the dress I chose? There are two answers – there is a YES, definitely there would be. Then on the otherside, there is a NO. I would want a “do-over” and I justify that answer by saying, what bride would not want a do-over and be able to experience finding her dress over and over again. I would have savored that experience. I would have done more research. I would have been THAT bride that tried on 50 – maybe even 75 – dresses.

The day I said “I Do” to my dress I will never shun away. I hope one day…. I might put that dress back on one.more.time.

To all of you Brides out there that follow us here at WedCandy.  You are going thru a once in a lifetime experience that will create memories for generations.  Slow down, enjoy the moments – its so very worth it.  And always remember, I will help you any way I can along the way….

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