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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – One Shoulder Affair

March 1, 2011

We have all heard the famous saying “….but you can wear it again” when it comes to Bridesmaids dresses. These dresses come in all shapes, sizes, lengths and fabrics. You want to choose what will best compliment YOUR wedding but you also are trying to keep your bridesmaids ideas/feelings/thoughts on what they will be wearing at the forefront as well. It can be a tough decision, but an easy solution is to just go for simple. Something classic and sophisticated. All the rage right now is the one shoulder dress. Honestly, I think its pretty spectacular and can really fit the saying “….but you can wear it again” in most any situation. Keeping the fabrics simple – either a satin or taffeta – with no extra “fuss” will definitely make a one shoulder dress a winner with all your girls. One of my favorite shopping destinations is Nordstrom, a big selection of bridesmaids dresses at pretty amazing prices. Another reason that will keep your best girls happy on your big day. So, go ahead and see what they say – let them put in their 2 cents (but ONLY 2 cents). It still is YOUR day….but there is no reason that your Bridesmaids cant look only as beautiful and classy as you will.

Images courtsey of: Nordstrom

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