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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Never Forget Your Mother

June 7, 2011

In all of the planning….. in all of the running around, there is one person you can NEVER forget:  your mother.  The “MOB” {Mother of the Bride} outfit should be #3 in dress selections for your wedding day.  #1 of course being your dress, #2 bridesmaids dresses and #3 should be your MOB dress.  She should feel just as important in the whole planning process and bridal boutiques are helping to make that happen more then ever.  Now-a-days Mom’s aren’t just wanting to look like one of the guests…. they are wanting to stand out from the crowd, now feeling younger and more beautiful then ever.  There are a few simple rules to follow when trying to find your MOB dress – very easy to remember – and should make the experience so very worth wild.

1.  Stick to simple pastels or champagne colors.  This is the best shade to incorporate into your color scheme – with the champagne/taupe color family being the simplest.  Mom should feel glamorous and not “overdone”.

2.  Show some skin…. but not TOO much.  Mom’s are now feeling and looking younger  – so show off some shoulders or maybe opt for a shorter skirt suit.

3.  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.  Have Mom pull out an antique brooch or even a fabulous hat to wear to your affair.  This is the time for her to wear things a little out of the box.

Don’t forget to have fun – your Mom is part of your big day too!

Check out a few of our favorite selections from Nordstrom’s.

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