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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Fall NY Bridal Market

September 20, 2011

Right now, at this very moment we are reading and researching on all of the latest and greatest fashions that MIGHT be revealed at the ever so glam New York Bridal Market.  Market week is only just a few short weeks away and we can only imagine what will be seen this year by all of the Bridal Buyers and Fashion Editors.  I dream of lace, streamlined silhouettes and layers upon layers of decadent fabrics.  Always seeing atleast a few different trends year after year – knowing the much anticipated release of the designer trends will be debuted.  But you know, we hope YOU will be waiting just a few more weeks with us…. for one stellar.recap.  So stay tuned.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

Below, are some of my favorite pieces of inspiration.  It is always such an amazing feat to see how a designer can turn one simple sketch into one fabulous design…

Featured images:

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