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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – Sarah Seven {designer}

April 12, 2011

I honestly could not wait any longer to post on this AMAZING designer.  Sarah Seven, is a young woman out of Portland, Oregon, designing wedding dresses that many of us only dream of.  Her designs and patterns are the epitome of romance.  Long and short, ever-flowing romance.  Sarah only uses all natural fabric such as silk, wools and linens and sometimes the occasional recycled vintage fabrics.  Grouping these fabrics with layers upon layers of details and ruffles, gives this designer a unique space in the bridal market.

She is vintage.  Yet, she is modern.

Ultimately, she has “a deep desire for the…simple decadence of a bygone era of femininity.”

Truly amazing work.

To view Sarah Seven’s work please visit her webpage:  Sarah

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