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Tuesday’s Trendwatch – The Couture Flower Girl

December 20, 2011

A flower girl can always seem to be a little unexpected in weddings these days.  Not all brides choose to have flower girls or junior bridesmaids in their wedding.  Especially for the modern bride and taking changing basic elements of a traditional wedding.  But if you ARE that Bride that loves to keep traditional weddings as “traditional” as possible – then yes, you will probably opt to have a flower girl as part of your cermony and bridal party.  When thinking of what the beautiful young ladies should wear, you need to remember that many designers are realizing that Brides would prefer to not have bland choices in selecting these dresses.  But rather, have couture options that not only compliment the Bride but also the bridal party.  Some of my favorites are by one coveted designer, Lazaro.  These designs seem timeless but still traditional.  Taking the basic flower girl dress to something beautiful and couture.

Just as a fun fact, do you know the history of the flower girl?   History dates it back all the way to the Victorian Era.  In the ceremony, the flower girl always walks in front of the bride. She represents the young and pure girl, who adds sweetness and joy to the ceremony. She throws out the petals, which symbolize the transition of the bride into a loving and passionate wife. Originally, the petals may have also been used to ward off evil spirits, so the flower girl walking in front of the bride would protect her on her wedding day.  No matter what you can make the flower girl represent what YOU want it to symbolize.  You are in control of you own history and tradition.

Images – Lazaro // History – eHow

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