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Meet the Contributors!

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Mindy Thornton – Editor 
With over 5 years of wedding industry experience as a nationally recognized wedding photographer, Mindy approaches wedding style from a very visual standpoint. Her love for beauty and style is not only apparent in the photos she creates but also in the content she provides to WedCandy. Her ability to see the beauty and emotion in moments lends itself amazingly to her position as editor. Where ideas and style meet amazing imagery you will find Mindy, there ready to share it with you.

Jenn Ward – Fashion Editor
A Nashville native, Jenn has been part of the fashion world since a
very young age. From the early days next to her grandmother’s sewing
machine. Learning how to select patterns and understand construction and fabrics became more then just a hobby. She knew that, no matter what, she wanted to be a part of this world when she grew up. Over the years, Jennifer has followed that dream. From working in a designer showroom in New York City to buying sportswear for a high-end department store. She still loves to visit local boutiques just to “browse”. Researching the wedding industry has become a passion. Understanding how a bridal gown is constructed only makes it more intriguing, and makes that love for those pretty dresses only that much stronger.

Who is your favorite dress designer?
“My favorite designer, hands down is Reem Acra. Her designs are seemingly timeless and romantic. She is the quintessential of classic and modernism all rolled into one.”

Michelle Hartz – Contributor
Michelle moved to Nashville 4 years ago from the Midwest, fell in love and married a wedding photographer. Her background in graphic design, photography and 7 years of management in retail has helped shape her approach to fashion. She loves pursuing her clothing addiction combing through all the local boutiques, reading style/fashion blogs and keeping up on the latest trends. You’ll always find a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar stuffed in her purse or in her car along with aviator sunglasses and red lipstick! To read more about Michelle’s fashion adventures you can follow her on her style blog Couture Me Please.

Jane Osgood Broussard – Contributor
Her long time love affair with all that sparkles started early on, but truly began to take shape in 2001 with the birth of her jewelry business, Jane Osgood Designs. JODesigns specializes in everything from one-of-a-kind stunners for the bride to everyday pieces meant to be worn with jeans and a t-shirt. Jane received her BA in Journalism from Indiana University, also in 2001. Her passion for writing mixed with a passion for weddings proved to be the perfect cocktail as a writer for WedCandy! When not writing or making jewelry Jane spends time with her husband renovating their 90 year old Aladdin catelog home in The Villages of Old Hickory just outside of Nashville, TN.