Rachel & Gregory Anniversary Shoot Goodness.

July 20, 2015

As we all suffer through this 90+ degree weather and 4000% humidity, lets take a moment to dream of sweater weather with this lovely anniversary session shot by the talented Rachel Moore.

Here is some info on the couple from her site:

Rachel – I’m currently a student at Union University working on getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In my scarce free time, I am a hobbyist photographer and enjoy spending time with my husband, Gregory. One of our favorite activities is swing dancing – we actually got to know each other when partnered together at a swing dance class in college.

Gregory – I studied music in college and began playing professionally after I graduated. Along the way I also taught myself to program, and now spend a lot of my working as a freelance software engineer. In my downtime, I love enjoying fine food and drink with my family and friends.

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Real Weddings

Real Wedding – Bridget and Matthew, New York

September 6, 2013

Bridget and Matthew had a gorgeous modern wedding at the Battery Gardens in New York. I loved her choices for the table scape, mixing gold plates with white, green, pink and yellow. Her flower hair piece was the perfect accessory to go with the intricate lace on her wedding gown. And how about those shoes? One cannot go wrong with a pair of sparkly Jimmy Choos! Enjoy the images below from Courtney Davidson Photography.



Shopping for New Product {Pt. 1} – Nashville Makeup Artist, Amy Lynn Larwig

May 8, 2013

When building or refreshing your personal makeup kit, the options for purchasing new cosmetics are endless. The cosmetic industry sells BILLIONS each year, and there are just about as many brands of lipstick to choose from. So how is one to decipher the plethora of stores, sales people, and products?


Let’s start with looking at where cosmetics are available for purchase:

The Drugstore

This includes your corner drugstores as well as larger stores like Walmart and Target. Here you will find many consumer brands and all the products you could need for a full personal makeup kit. There is also tools, brushes, and accessories like false lashes. Everything is categorized by type i.e. eye shadows with eye products, lip colors all together, etc. One of the pros about drugstores is that the items are inexpensive. So if you are trying out a new color or product type, there is little risk. These stores are also open very late, so you can grab something in a pinch pretty much any time of day or night. Biggest down sides to drugstores is that you can’t test anything out before you buy it. So that dream-mousse-whipped-fancy pants-looked nice on tv-foundation could turn out to be a flop, and you just lost your $10. Since there are no salespeople, there is no one available to ask questions about a product either. The other crummy thing is that majority of the brands carried in drugstores are not of great quality. They have a lot of fillers such as talc, so essentially you are paying for chalk and very little pigment. Drugstores are great for temporary products, such as mascara, and for one time use items like hot pink glitter eye shadow for a New Year’s party.  Overall, I wouldn’t build my entire makeup kit from the drugstore.

The Counters

All department stores have a cosmetic section with several counters. Each brand is clearly labeled and carries multiple products in each category. You could build and entire kit from one line, or mix & match from multiple lines. Counters carry brands that are higher quality than drugstores and therefore a bit more expensive. The packaging is nicer and the product lasts longer. Counters are run by salespeople that can aid you in sampling a particular shade or they can give you a full makeover. It’s a great opportunity to try out the items before committing. The problem though, is that counters are run by Salespeople. Their job is to meet a quota set for them by the store so they will try to sell you the newest/holiday/limited edition/whatever works/ items. Chances are, if you are a woman 55 or over who rarely wears much on her eyes and has difficulty applying eye liner, you are not in need of a electric blue liquid liner. But one convincing chat with a salesgirl and you’ll walk out of that store with ten liners in various shades that you will never use. Also, the salespeople tend to be well versed in one line. Which means if there is a better item for you at another counter, you’ll never know about it because your salesperson doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell you even if they did.

Free standing stores

Free standing stores like Sephora are ideal for offering options for every person looking to purchase makeup. They carry several lines and all are of high quality. You can sample products on your own or ask a sales person for help. Scheduling an appointment for a full makeover can involve trying products from various lines all at once. The prices vary between lines, allowing everyone to find a good fit for their budget without sacrificing quality. If you purchase an item and decide later after using it that it isn’t a great fit for you, bring it back! They will refund you or help you find a replacement. The biggest issue with a store like Sephora, is that it can be very overwhelming. There are lots of lights, colors, shiny things that a person can become extremely overstimulated quite quickly. It’s not a store for browsing, but more suited for a hunt. You can walk in, go straight to a salesperson and say “I need…” and they will help you find it. Because they are not paid on commission, there isn’t the pressure of adding items to your purchase to satisfy their quotas.


Nashville has several options for getting the Sephora experience with multiple lines and educated salespeople, but on a smaller more manageable scale. Private Edition, Woo Cosmetics, and Cosmetic Market are a few. All the benefits of shopping at Sephora, but without the inevitable brain explosion. You can also find luxury lines at these locations that command big dollars, but invoke envy from all the other ladies in the YMCA locker room as you powder your nose with Sisley after spin class.

Part 2 of Makeup Shopping will discuss must have basics and the “absolutely do not no matter what” buy list.

For your makeup needs, contact Nashville Makeup Artist, Amy Lynn Larwig, for more information


Bridal Fashion

Carolina Herrera Spring 2013 Wedding Gown Inspiration

May 1, 2013

As I was going through the slide show pictures for Carolina Herreara I stopped on this look. The detailing of the belt with the sleekness of the dress is beautifully executed and I love the idea of keeping a color theme with the belt and shoes. It’s perfect for the modern bride’s spring/summer wedding.


Engagement Session

Thinking Outside The Box: Engagement Sessions

April 24, 2013

Thinking about save the dates or engagement photos? The photos shoots pictured below will have you thinking outside the box for sure! With today’s pre-wedding photo shoots the sky’s the limit as far as subject matter. From under water synchronization to the best scenes from your favorite romantic movie, now is your chance to embrace your inner romantic, photograph it and share it with yourfriends and family.


Image by Caroline Tran


Image by Clayton Austin


Image by Simply Bloom Photography


Image by Brandon Kidd


Image by Three Nails Photography


Images by Blushing Bride Studio